A Day in the Life of an Orange County Realtor

A Day in the Life of an Orange County Realtor

Have you ever wondered what an Orange County Realtor’s day is really like?



Getting Orange County Homes Sold

Do you wonder if we sit around the pool sipping ice tea while the houses sell themselves?

Seriously, I thought I would share a day in the life of an Orange County Realtor to give you an idea of what really happens.

Up with the sun. Get the kids ready for school. Walk to school. – Sounds good so far, right?

Run off to the gym. I need to have endurance for all the stairs in all the homes we show.

After the gym, run back to the office to finalize a listing presentation for a new potential seller. Make sure that I have information on all of the most recent sales as well as the competition from other homes for sale nearby.

Give the seller my listing presentation and then show the seller other homes for sale in the area. Discuss price and other details. Sign listing agreement.

Great day so far, isn’t?

Next up is signing loan documents for one of my buyers, which means it’s time to pick up cake, balloons and apple cider. (It’s always more fun when the assistant has to take a personal day).

Gather all of the goodies while negotiating an offer on a bank owned home and making sure that my buyer’s offer is the one that is accepted.

Head to escrow to celebrate with my clients that the end is now in sight, and they will soon own their new home.

We’re running out of time to make sure that escrow closes before the foreclosure sale date, so I will be the one running the loan documents to Fed Ex and trying to make sure that we make the final drop off time.

The documents are ready, so I head out thinking I have plenty of time to get to Fed Ex, then I get a call from the lender who wants to make sure that they have certain documents that evening so they have time to fund in the morning. So, I turned around and went back to escrow. Waited for escrow to scan all of the documents to make sure she could give the lender anything they needed.

Back out the door again, but the deadline for Fed Ex is now looming in front of me. Made it to Fed Ex, made sure it was set up for 8am delivery.

Finally, a little down time, home with the family for relaxation and dinner. Read to the kids and then get them to bed.

Now, it’s time to enter the new listing in to the Multiple Listing Service, write a blog regarding the home and starting preparing the marketing to make sure my seller gets the most money in the shortest period of time.

Then, it’s time for this Orange County Realtor to actually kick back and sigh. It’s been a great full day.

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3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of an Orange County Realtor

  1. Renee – You are so right. All is good, thanks. Hope the same is true for you.

  2. What is really surprising to most customers is that after all that work, you still haven’t made a dime. Most of my clients think I’m rich, so they don’t understand how I have to charge them so much for selling a house.

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