A Four Year Old’s Perspective on the Orange County Fair – Costa Mesa

Mom said she’d come home early today so we could go to the Fair. We were supposed to go 2 days ago, but my brother was sick, and mom said we couldn’t just leave him with a babysitter and go anyway.  He’s only 7 months old, would he have even noticed?

Dylan waiting

I have been bouncing off the walls all day long.  Isn’t it time to go yet? 

Finally, Mom came home.  We’re all packed up and out the door to the Fair.

Mom and Dad said we could go on rides first.  Let’s hurry up.  Why are there so many people in line?  Lines to get the tickets to get in; lines to get on the rides.  And, to make it worse, Mom had to stop and take pictures of the sand castle.

Orange County Fair Sand Castle 2008

Can’t we look at that later?  I want to get to the rides.  They might go away if we don’t get there soon enough.

Finally, the rides.  Oh no, wait more lines to get tickets so we can get in the lines for the rides?  Will it ever stop?

Well, I talked Mom into taking me on the ferris wheel and Dad will keep Dylan.  He’s too small to get on the ferris wheel, maybe next year.

Here we go.

 Orange County Fair Ferris Wheel

Hey, Mom.  We’re getting kind of high up.  This is very cool  Hey, look at that ride in the sky.  There’s a gorilla on it.

Orange County Fair - Costa Mesa, Ca 

You can see everything from up here!  Are we going to get food soon? Are we going to have funnel cake for dessert?

Orange County Fair 2008 - Costa Mesa, CA

Mom and Dad are going to let me ride the bee ride by myself.  It’s like Dumbo at Disneyland and then the helicopter.

Orange County Fair 2008 - Costa Mesa, CA

Then I get to go on the boats.  Oh boy – Mom’s going to ride the fast ride with me first.  Wheee!!!  That’s fun. Wait – now we’re going backwards.  Mom, isn’t this fun?

Dad and Dylan waited in line for the boats for me so I’d have time to ride before dinner.  Thanks!!

Orange County Fair 2008 - Costa Mesa, CA

Dylan gets to see his first goats and pigs and everything today. That’s where we’re going next.  I’ll show him how to feed them and pet them and everything.  I’m the big brother, and I have to set a good example.

What do you think Dylan?  Aren’t they neat?  And, I’m not even scared at all. Watch! I can even feed them. Okay, maybe they are just a little bit scary, but they’re pretty cool.

 Orange County Fair - Costa Mesa, Ca

Now, we get to go to dinner.  We’re having corn dogs, and then Dad says later we’re going to get a funnel cake for dessert.

Boy, could it get any better?  Rides, animals and now junk food!! Oh boy!! Thanks!!

Wow, dinner was great!  Now, we’re going to go do adult stuff.  We’re going to go look at pictures and then Dad wants to go look at the woodworking.

Hey, Dad!  What are they doing behind the glass?  They’re making things?  What’s a canopy bed?  Right, but what kind of bed is it?

Now, Mom’s spending way too long looking at the guy drawing pictures.  She says he’s an artist, and she wants him to draw our picture.  She’s going to pick it up later this week and can’t wait.

While you do that, can I go look at that guy with the big metal stick with the glass on the end?  What’s he doing?  Blowing glass?  How do you do that?  Why’s he’s sticking it in the fire?

Mom says I can go bananas, and she’ll take a picture of me.  What do you think?  Have I gone bananas for the Orange County Fair?

OC Fair - Costa Mesa

We had so much fun.  Mom says there are just a few days left, so if you haven’t gone, why don’t you check it out and see how much fun it is?

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I hope you have as much fun at the Orange County Fair as we did.

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