A Localism Idea for You – Christmas Tree Recycling Programs

A Localism Idea for You – Christmas Tree Recycling Programs


Is your brain foggy from too much New Year’s champagne and eggnog?  Wondering what to ride about in your posts this week?

How about something useful to help consumers remember that you are a fount of information about the local area?

Why not do a post about Christmas tree recycling and what is available in your area?


Orange County Christmas Tree Recycling

This is just the time of year that people are taking down their Christmas trees and wondering what on earth they are supposed to do with this dead, brittle tree which is no longer as much fun or as beautiful as it was a few short weeks ago.

Gather the information, post it to your RainMaker accountand/or your Outside Blog, and voila you are once again the area expert.

P.S. I must admit I obtained this suggestion from another Rainer a few years ago, and have enjoyed it since : )


If you don’t have a Rainmaker account, be aware that you are not posting to the public or Localism and won’t gain all of the benefit of Active Rain.  If you would like your first month as a Rain Maker for $5, please click first month RainMaker.


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