Note from Christine

A note from Christine Donovan:

I am not a sales person; I am a marketer of homes.

As a free service, I am happy to prepare a Marketing Plan for your home. This Marketing Plan comes to you free of charge, and without obligation. I’ll show you the most cost-effective places to advertise. I’ll show you how to slash your ad costs, while at the same time tripling your ad response. I’ll actually prepare ads for you that cost very little to run, and obtain results far out of proportion to anything else you could try.

This Marketing Plan is yours to use even if you sell your home yourself or list with another broker. It comes with “no strings attached” and absolutely no selling.

Why do I do this? Because I’ve found that helping people like you market their homes for no obligation brings me even more business. When I help you, you will tell your friends and associates about me. That brings more business to me than I could ever attain by “selling.” It’s all part of my personal philosophy of helping, rather than selling. I believe (and have experienced) that the more people I help, the more business that comes my way.

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