Adding Picture with Borders on Active Rain

 Adding Picture with Borders on Active Rain



Lauren Selinsky mentioned in a post today that she wanted to be able to add borders to pictures she uploads to her AR posts.

This is already a feature, so I thought I’d do a quick tutorial.


To add a picture to AR blogs in WYSIWYG just click the photo icon.

AR picture icon

When you click the picture icon, you will get a popup.

Insert photos on AR

Then click on the icon next to the red arrow above, which will bring up another popup window.

adding pictures to AR

When you get to this screen, first click the browse button, then navigate to your picture, and then click upload.  Once it’s uploaded, it will take you back to the original popup screen.

When you’re back to the original popup, click on appearance (only do this after the picture is uploaded as it doesn’t seem to work before).  When you get to this screen, note that one tab says general and the other says appearance.  Click on the appearance tab.

Adding borders to AR photos


The in the border box, type a number.  The bigger the number, the thicker the border.  You’ll see  a few different border thicknesses in this post.

You can also use the vertical and horizontal space boxes to keep the text from encroaching on your photos.

So, have fun adding pictures and borders to your photos and let me know if you have any questions.

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