Are Realtors Really Expensive?

Are Realtors® Really Expensive?


Have you thought that Realtors® are expensive and wondered why they earn the big bucks?

Let me ask you some questions.

What would you do if someone offered you the opportunity to work 100 hours knowing that you might never get paid for that work? What if during that time, you had the opportunity to spend money on gas, marketing and other expenses again knowing you might never get paid? 

What would be enough for you to take that risk?  Would you take it?

This is what a real estate professional faces each day.  We go out and spend money to market your home in print, online, on the MLS.  We hold open houses and we take numerous phone calls, with the hope that we will sell the house and earn our commission.

With buyers, we drive from house to house with gas over $4/gallon, spending our evenings and weekends away from our families hoping to find a home on which you will put your best foot forward and have your offer accepted.  With buyers, some real estate agents don’t even have a contract that ensures that if the buyer buys, he’ll use that agent.

What would you charge for this risk?

There is a risk/reward in selling real estate.  We use our knowledge, our time, and our money to help clients buy and sell homes with the home and expectation that after we put out this effort, time and money, that we will be rewarded.  Since we put all of the risk upfront, our “reward” tends to be higher than might be the case if we were being paid with certainty on hourly basis.

Consider further that we are helping our clients with what is likely the most expensive purchase they will make, and that the right real estate agent will be knowledgeable and has likely put in many hours of training, additional education each year to stay current on the market and the rules and then think about whether your Realtor® is really expensive or if we are simply paid based on our worth and the risks we are willing to take to help our clients.

Am I expensive?  I don’t believe that my clients think so.  Please see what they have to say below.

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