Are You Willing to Live with the Consequences of Your Actions?

Are You Willing to Live with the Consequences of Your Actions?


My oldest son had some issues with his behavior today, the result was that he had several privileges removed for the day.  As things sometimes go, we were then invited to an Easter egg hunt and party.  I chose to take my youngest son, and my oldest stayed home with Dad as a consequence of his earlier actions.


Do you live with the consequence of your actions?  Are you not having your offers accepted because you believe it’s a buyers’ market despite what your agent tells you?  Are you a seller who has a home that isn’t selling because you don’t want to believe your agent who continues to tell you that your price needs to be reduced?


Are you an agent with listings that aren’t selling because you weren’t willing to explain to your sellers the true market value of their home?


We all live with the consequences of our actions.  Today my son is not enjoying his consequences, and as a result, we are seeing a changed attitude this evening.


If you don’t like the consequences of your current actions, change your actions so that the consequences will be more to your liking.

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