At Your Service Catering – Really Spiced up My Party!


At Your Service Catering – Really Spiced up My Party!


This last weekend, I had a Mardi Gras themed party, and as part of it, I wanted Cajun food.

I have family in Louisiana and am perfectly capable of making the food.  However, it didn’t sound like much fun to make food for 30+ people instead of visiting with friends and family in from out of town.


Mardi Gras Party Newport Beach At Your Service Catering

Fortunately me for me, I was introduced to Greg Bell of At Your Service Catering in Fountain Valley by Beth at Baker Party Rentals.

She assured me that he is fantastic and that she had used him for some of her own events.  With her hearty recommendation, I contacted Greg to discuss what he might be able to do for me.

With just a few days to go before the party, At Your Service Catering  was able to come up with just the menu I wanted.  Even better, it would be delivered to the party, set up for me, and I wouldn’t have to do a thing but enjoy.  Greg discussed different options with me, including the ingredients of each dish, so it would be exactly as I wanted.  He even recommended the right equipment from Baker Party Rentals so that I would have the right set up to serve the food.


Mardi Gras Party - Orange County - At Your Service Catering

Greg arrived right on time, with gumbo, red beans and rice and corn bread muffins with cinnamon butter.  It all smelled wonderful.  He got everything set up for us and even lit the Sterno.  We didn’t have to do anything but enjoy our feast.

When, we started dishing up the food, everybody truly enjoyed it, and the muffins disappeared by the handful and were gone in no time.

As I mentioned above, I have family in Cajun country, I also had a Cajun chef who lived with us when I was a child, so I’m somewhat particular about this kind of food.  And, At Your Service Catering really came through.  The food was great and exactly what I had hoped to have for my party.

If you are looking to make your next event successful and easy, do yourself a favor and call Greg Bell of At Your Service Catering at 714-803-3453 and let him do the work so you can enjoy your party.





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