Baker Party Rentals – Costa Mesa – Helps Set the Stage for a Perfect Party

Baker Party Rentals – Costa Mesa – Helps Set the Stage for a Perfect Party


Last weekend, I had a party with a Mardi Gras theme.  I planned to have it outside on a large balcony, reminiscent of a balcony overlooking the French Quarter.

The only problem, was the balcony wasn’t very inspiring by itself.  I knew I needed tables, chairs, etc., but I wasn’t entire sure what they etc. might be.

Before Baker Party Rentals - Costa Mesa


Fortunately for me, I met Beth of Baker Party Rentals in Costa Mesa.  When I called to discuss this with her the first time on the phone, I told her that I already had masks, beads and other goodies from New Orleans for the party.  She recommended that I bring these to Baker Party Rentals, and we would decide on what I needed and what linens and such would be good for my party, particularly since they had a Mardi Gras table set out in their store.

When I walked in, I was surprised at all of the ideas that were there just waiting to be borrowed.  They has so many themes and lovely items from which to choose.

 With Beth’s guidance, I was able to choose everything I needed to really dress up my balcony and have a great Mardi Gras party.

You’ll see in the pictures in the post what a difference Baker Party Rentals made in the ambience for my party.

Baker Party Rental Costa Mesa



If you have an event coming up and aren’t sure what you need or how to proceed, give Beth a call at 714-545-4667 or stop by at 1151 Baker Street, Costa Mesa, CA.


Baker Party Rental Costa Mesa


Baker Party Rental Costa Mesa     Baker Party Rental Costa Mesa



In addition to all of the great items they have at Baker Party Rentals, they’re a great resource for other things you might need for your party, like catering.  Beth referred me to Greg Bell of At Your Service Catering, and the food was phenomenal.  So, be sure you give her a call when you’re planning your next event.




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