Balboa Island Through the Eyes of a Two Year Old

Balboa Island Through the Eyes of a Two Year Old



When most people think about Balboa Island. they may consider the mutli million dollar bay front homes or the expensive yachts, the Christmas decorations or even the Balboa Ferry.  But, for my two-year old son, the homes are of no interest, and the yachts are “boats, Mommy.”


Instead taking a tour of Balboa Island with my little one, allowed me to see another side of the island, one I probably haven’t seen since I was his age and living there with my dad.


We started by taking the Balboa Ferry over to the Island.  What a delight to take him on the ferry, and to watch his eyes light up when we took him out of the car seat and let him experience the wind in his hair and the sun on his face.


That’s when we knew our adventure had started.


“What’s that, Daddy?”  “The Bay.”  “Water, Daddy.”


Balboa Ferry


“What’s that, Daddy?”  “The Pavilion.”


“What’s that, Daddy?”  “The ferris wheel.”  “Wanna ride!”


“What’s that, Mommy?”  “The sand.”  “Play, Mommy, shoes off.”


“What’s that, Mommy?”  “A seagull.”  “Bird, Mommy.”  “Yes, seagulls are a type of bird.”


“What’s that, Mommy?”  “A boat.”  “Big boat, Mommy.”  “Yes, a very big boat.”


Balboa Island


“What’s that, Mommy?”  “A bench.”  “Why?”  “Because that’s what it’s called.”  “Why?”  “Because that’s the name that was picked for it.”  “Why?”  And, now I’m thinking, I have no idea, I wonder if it came from Latin.



Balboa Island


Looking at Balboa Island was a very different experience than looking at if from adult eyes.  It was also a reminder that it’s okay to stop and smell the flowers, enjoy the bay and just generally enjoy what’s around you.


So, when was the last time you took the Balboa Ferry over to Balboa Island and just enjoyed a walk around the island and took the time to enjoy the beauty and smell the flowers?


Curious about what’s available on the island, see Balboa Island homes for sale.


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