Ben’s Tech Tools and Websites from Rain Camp LA

Ben’s Tech Tools and Websites from Rain Camp LA


Sitting here in my third Rain Camp, I’m still picking up lots of tips and tidbits for my marketing and my business, and I wanted to share this list of Ben and Brad’s top tools and websites with those not fortunate enough not to be here.

If you’re wondering why I have attended so many Rain Camps in the past few months, check out the list below just to see a small amount of what I have learned.  If you haven’t been to a Rain Camp, I strongly recommend attending.  You will walk away with lots of new ideas. – A site that ranks influence on Twitter – Shows which word is entered the most in a blog post or anything else as the largest word in a piece of word art. – This site takes images it find on the webs and relates the photos to each other.  It can also be used to create free virtual tours of a property. – A collaboration software that lets you work in groups, share files, share calendar, and more, all with a secure login. – A database management tool that allows every contact to have a next contact or task set up for it.  $19.95/mo. – Inbox backwards – add to Outlook – takes email addresses, and finds photos, finds FaceBook profiles, Linked In account, Twitter, etc.  Allows you to learn more about your leads and clients.  Use it to send leads messages on FaceBook or Twitter. or – Allows you to post shorter URLs in Twitter and other places.  Then when you send emails or post on Twitter, it will tell you how many people clicked on it, from which source, when it was opened and where they were when they opened it. – Allows you to segment your database and to see how many emails were opened, forwarded, not delivered, what time opened. – Allows you to send video emails. – Sends person who sent you an email a responding email that says, “If this is urgent, and only if it’s urgent, please click here.  Otherwise, I check email at these times.” – Upload and share your power point presentations, listing presentations, word docs and pdf – share publicly or privately. You can even add audio to make a webinar. – This allows you to have a group of designers design a website or marketing piece or business cards, and you choose the amount that you’ll pay.  Then you choose the winner and pay only the winner. – This is a number you own.  It’s free. You can set up the number to call your cell phone, home phone, office phone and buyers’ agents all at once. 


This is just a small piece of what we’ve been learning here today. 

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