Bluewater Grill – Newport Beach

Bluewater Grill

The Bluewater Grill has become a well known chain of upscale fish houses located throughout Southern California. While all the locations are in fun and lively spots, the original location in Newport Beach, CA can be found on Lido Drive, just off Lido Isle and the Newport Peninsula. Overlooking the docks and yachts, this restaurant offers a great meal for any occasion in a wonderful location. On nice days, of which there are many here, you will find the outside patio crowded with diners.

The menu at Bluewater Grill is a sensational blend of New England style cooking and high quality fish and shellfish, including locally caught swordfish when available. For anyone who might think that they don’t take their ingredients seriously, be sure to check out their ‘Fish Purchasing Policy’ on their website! While diners have been enjoying the food and atmosphere at Bluewater Grill, critics throughout Southern California and even out of state have been awarding the restaurant their highest marks. Bluewater Grill has been voted to be the best seafood restaurant several times over.

I know a lot of people with kids or sensitivities to seafood will stay away from seafood restaurants. That would be a big mistake to make as Bluewater Grill offers a kids’ menu and several dishes of chicken, steak, or even burgers that are as lovingly crafted as the best seafood dishes.

For those who are feeling a bit more adventurous (or perhaps amorous!), the Bluewater Grill has one of the best oyster bars available in Newport Beach. I’ve always enjoyed them on the half shell, but Bluewater offers much more than this. Oyster shots with vodka, clams on the half shell, and steamer pots of clams and mussels round out every seafood lovers wish list.

Be sure to enjoy a meal at this great restaurant. The atmosphere is great for business lunches, get togethers with friends, or romantic evenings out with your loved one.

Bluewater Grill is located at 630 Lido Park Drive, Newport Beach CA 92663. For reservations or inquiries, they can be reached at 949-675-1367.

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