Bob and Christa’s Virtual/Web Wedding Was Very Cool!

Today, about 60 of us were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to “attend” Bob and Christa’s wedding via a live uplink this afternoon.


Brad invited the entire Active Rain community to attend, and I am glad I took advantage of it.


I sat with Christa in Vegas discussing her wedding after Rain Camp in April and know that she was excited and nervous, just like any bride would be. 


I didn’t expect to have this opportunity, and it was like no other wedding I’ve experienced.  I had “attended” one other wedding via webcam when my brother got married, and I was unable to attend.  My sister set it up so that I could watch and hear everything.


Today, was even more unique as there was a running chat room accompanying the video of the wedding.  It was almost like getting to attend with your friends rather than having a solitary experience.  Plus, we could still chat a little without interrupting the ceremony.


But, perhaps the most unique thing about this virtual wedding was the sense of community and love that came together around this couple who met, fell in love and have now married as a result of this place we call Active Rain.  A place that to many of us has become a second home, with close friends and in many ways a family.


Bob has played a big part in creating the atmosphere here, and it was obvious in the comments today that he has helped to create something very special not just in his new life with Christa but in what has been created here.  And, I hope there is a way for him to read the chat commentary and enjoy seeing just how much people here care for him and his new bride.

May the two of you have a long and wonderful life together!

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