Brad Andersohn Steals the Show at Rain Storm

Brad Andersohn Steals the Show at Rain Storm



Last night was Active Rain’s first Rain Storm, and there was a lot of talent present.

There was Kevin Kauffman with Group 46:10, perhaps better known as one of the flip flop guys talking about how to get your short sale done via escalation, and there was Chris Alston talking about Four Square as well as many other talented and knowledgeable people, and my favorite was Brad Andersohn.

Brad was the Community Manager at Active Rain and is now the Outreach Manager for Zillow.  Whatever the name of his position, Brad excels in building relationships, if you doubt this, see his recent post about his Active Rain anniversary.  Read through the comments and see how many people are here on AR because of Brad.

He knows how to build relationships online and IRL; he is amazing in his postion as a community builder wherever he is, and he proved this again last night.

Brad Andersohn's Community


In front of a standing room only crowd, he explained that life is all about people and the relationships that we build with them. Yes, business is important, but what you really take with you in life are your relationships, your friends, your family.

He further explained that our mansions and castles should be built on these relationships as they build the strongest foundations.  Social media and networking should be the tools that help to build these relationships, but they should not be the primary focus and goal; they should be a means to an end.

Brad has touched and will continue to touch many lives through social media because he “gets” it.  He doesn’t just have “friends” on Facebook.  He has friends period.  He has relationships.  If you doubt this, you haven’t take the time to get to know Brad Andersohn.

He made it as real as it can get, and he spoke from the heart.  What else could ask of somebody who knows how to build relationships?

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