Buying an Orange County Home – I Signed My Loan Docs – Can I Have My Keys Now?

Buying an Orange County Home  – I Signed My Loan Docs – Can I Have My Keys Now?


As real estate professionals, there are so many things we take for granted.

Recently, a client said to me, “I signed my loan documents.  Can I have my keys now?”


Buying an Orange County Home


And, I realized that it’s important that the buyer and the seller understand all of the steps in the final closing process for buying an Orange County home.

The basic steps of buying a home:

  1. Buyer searches for the right home. 
  2. Buyer makes an offer for the home.
  3. Seller accepts the offer or makes a counter offer.
  4. If there’s a counter offer, buyer chooses to accept or counter offer is made.
  5. Agreement on the offer.
  6. Escrow opens.  Initial deposit money sent to escrow and escrow instructions are signed.
  7. Inspections are done.
    • Appraisal
    • Third party inspection
    • Termite 
    • Any other inspections
  8. While inspections are being done, the loan officer is working on any necessary conditions on the loan.
  9. During this time, seller provides disclosures to the buyer regarding the home.
  10. Once all contingencies are completed on the loan, loan documents are provided to escrow for the buyer to sign.
  11. Then the buyer comes in to sign the loan documents.

Some people believe this is the final step to buying a home because in other states, like Texas, which is a wet funding state, everybody gathers at the closing table, and once loan docs are signed, keys are transferred, and the deal is done.

However, in Orange County, California, signing loan documents is not the final step in buying a home.

12.  In California, once loan documents are signed, the documents must be sent back to the lender who reviews them before funding the loan. 

13.  Once the loan is funded, the title must be recorded in the new buyer’s name before the purchase is complete.

In Orange County, California the county recorder allows special recording.  This means that they allow the new title recorded late in the afternoon, which often allows a home purchase to close the same day as the loan is funded.

Once there is confirmation that the title has recorded, the best part of my “job” happens.  I get to give the new homeowner their keys.



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