Can You Show Me Orange County Homes That Aren’t Your Listings?

Can You Show Me Orange County Homes That Aren’t Your Listings?



There are so many things that we take for granted about selling real estate, that I think sometimes as agents, we forget that buyers and sellers don’t always know those things that professionals consider to be obvious.


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I met with a buyer recently who is coming from Europe.  He wants to buy and Orange County home, and wanted to understand how buying a home works here.  It is my limited understanding that in many places in Europe, an agent only shows buyers their own listings.  So instead of having your own agent who can show you all homes that are for sale, the buyer has to visit many different agents depending on the homes they want to see. 


It seems to me that this could be very frustrating as a buyer needs to go from person to person explaining what they want, what they plan to do, etc.  It seems much more convenient to buy a home here in Orange County, at least to me.

As a member of a local real estate board, I can show any home listed in the So Cal MLS.  This covers a huge area including Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County and San Bernardino – to name a few.  I help most of my clients in Orange County though I have helped them in other counties and have great people I can refer you to if I can’t help you.


In addition to the convenience of having one agent to show you all the homes you want to see, there are other definite advantages to having me as your buyer’s agent.

  • I am your agent.
  • I am representing your best interests.
  • I know what you want to buy.
  • I know what’s important to you about buying a home.
  • I know what you’ve seen and what you liked and didn’t like.
  • I will negotiate your offer with the seller and the seller’s agent.
  • I will be there to walk you through every step of the transaction.
  • I am there to answer questions you have along the way.
  • I am there to help you with inspections.
  • I am there at closing to help you celebrate.
  • I am there after you are in your new home to answer questions that arise afterwards.

So, whether you are looking for a foreclosure, a short sale or a standard sale, I can definitely show you any of the 11,574 Orange County homes that are currently listed for sale whether or not they are my listing.


If you would like to buy an Orange County home, please give me a call at 714-319-9751.  If you want to buy a home somewhere else, please allow me to provide you access to my huge network of great agents throughout the United State and Canada.


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