Closing Gifts that Last

Closing Gifts That Last


The best closing gifts are ones that are personalized to my clients and that they will enjoy for years to come.

I have an entire series of touch points I use with my clients during and after a transaction.

But, what I want in a closing gift is something that will be special to my client and will help them to remember me over the years as they enjoy their home.

Closing Gift

My favorite closing gift is a personalized¬†slate plaque. We’ve had these personalized with names, addresses, family, established, etc,. depending upon the client, and the response from our clients has always been strongly favorable.

We have found that these plaques are generally attached to the front of the home for them to enjoy day after day as they come in and out of their homes. They are also a constant reminder of the us and how we helped them to find and purchase their home.

One of my favorite things about these plaques is how customizable they are. They can be made in different sizes, with different borders and decorations to even further personalize them for our clients.

For me this meets all the needs of a closing gift, personalized and special to the person or people, memorable, long lasting and used on a daily basis.


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