In 1887, banking on the continued demand for housing in Southern California, a group of business men bought over 1700 acres and started a town they named Fairview.

This town was part of what was once the Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana.

Fairview’s main street is now known as Harbor Boulevard, and the town itself was located near the modern day intersection of Harbor and Adams.

By the end of 1887, the city had many homes as well as a school, a hotel, a post office, a general store and a drug store.

1888 brought the railroad to town.  This along with a mineral spring, which was discovered in the town, made it appear that the town would flourish.

However, by the end of 1888, less than a year after the town began, fewer people were buying homes.  The death knell for the little town of Fairview likely rang in March 1889 when a large storm washed away the railway connecting Santa Ana with Fairview.  Without the rail service, people moved out of Fairview and businesses could not remain.