Costa Mesa Home Selling Tips – Fix the Small Things

Costa Mesa Home Selling Tips – Fix the Small Things


You’re thinking about selling your Costa Mesa home and wondering what you need to do to make it look its best.

One great thing to do is to fix the small things that need to be done around your Costa Mesa home.  Perhaps you have a small leak in the bathtub.  Maybe there’s a small hole behind the door knob where the door hit it a little too hard.  If you think about it, I’m sure there are a half a dozen or more things you’ve been planning to do when you have time.Costa Mesa Home Selling Tips

Make that time now.  If you don’t, the buyer will be looking at these items and seeing deferred maintenance and wondering what big things you didn’t take care of while you owned the home.  The thought process is if you couldn’t take the time to fix the little things, there are probably big problems that they aren’t aware of yet.

The result?  Either they will decide not to buy your home or they may make a low offer based on what they think they might find later.  And, most Costa Mesa home buyers overestimate the cost to get something fixed.

If you have questions about selling your Costa Mesa home or what you should do to get ready to sell it, please call Christine Donovan at 714-319-9751.

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