Costa Mesa Real Estate – Eastside Costa Mesa Real Estate News

Costa Mesa Real Estate – Eastside Costa Mesa Real Estate News

Eastside Costa Mesa is a charming area of Costa Mesa which borders Newport Beach, and, as a result, tends to have higher property values than some other areas of the city. It is bounded by Irvine Boulevard on the east, Newport Boulevard on the west, 15th Street on the south and Mesa Drive on the north.

Most of the original lots in Eastside Costa Mesa are around 10,000 square feet, a large size lot in Orange County, which allows for space to expand smaller, older homes if desired.

Eastside Costa Mesa is known for wide streets and lovely, mature trees, homes with picket fences and an eclectic mix of different types of homes.

The current real estate market report for Eastside Costa Mesa Real Estate is below:

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Based upon general definitions, it appears that Eastside Costa Mesa should be in a Sellers’ Market because of the low inventory though many believe we are still in a Buyers’ market. Given all that is going on in the credit market and the banking industry, we are in an unusual time and will have to see what happens over the next few months as things hopefully begin to stabilize.

See below for homes currently for sale in Eastside Costa Mesa.

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