Do You Learn How to Do Something By Making the Decision to Do the Opposite? of Someone Else?

Do You Learn How to Do Something By Making the Decision to Do the Opposite of Someone Else?


Have you ever watched someone do something and decided the only way to do it right is to do the exact opposite of what they did?


Perhaps it was a parent whose parenting style you didn’t like.  Perhaps it was a teacher or a significant other.


Does this really work?  Is everything that person did truly exactly the opposite of what you wanted to be or do?


Would it perhaps work better to look at what they did, discern the pieces that worked and those that didn’t and then discard the ones that didn’t in place of those that will work for your personality or style?


How does this relate to real estate?  Are there things you’ve seen others do that you don’t want to do, and feel you should do the opposite way?  Perhaps an agent on the opposite side of the transaction, or perhaps there is a marketing method that many recommend that you simply can’t bring yourself to try?


Instead of deciding there’s nothing worthwhile, perhaps you should look a little more carefully.  Maybe everything else was the opposite of the way you think things should be done, except that agent returned all of your phone calls within an hour or two.  Maybe you hate the idea of door knocking because you believe you’re bothering someone, but maybe it’s because you don’t have anything of value to offer.  Perhaps a person in foreclosure, would love to have you knock on their door and offer them some options?


Remember, there are shades of grey in everything, and you can learn from any experience.



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