Does Your Facebook Fan Page Have a Vanity URL? It Should!

A few months ago, Facebook announced that it would allow vanity URLs for any fan page with more than 1000 fans.  Then, it lowered it to 100.  Now, I believe it allows you to create a vanity URL if you have at least 25 fans.

So, if you haven’t grabbed your vanity URL, why haven’t you?  Go to and go get it.

Why would you want a Facebook vanity URL?  There are 300 million active users on Facebook.  50% of active users log on to Facebook, daily.  The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is people over 35. 

And, how much easier is it to find or than a random string of numbers and letters like  Please understand; I’m not picking on anyone; this is just an example.

I had one just like it until earlier tonight.

Now, that you have a vanity URL, you can blast it on your email signatures, Active Rain and many other online and offline venues.

Have fun, and please leave your ideas below.

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