Facebook in the Real World! What Would You Do?

Facebook in the Real World! What Would You Have Done?



Facebook is an amazing tool for keeping in touch with family and friends.  It’s wonderful for keeping in touch with clients and has led to a lot of business.

Last night, it led to a strange chance to choose.


I received a call from an old friend I had spoken to just a couple of days ago.  She called to inform me that the older brother of one of our friends had passed.  Yet another mutual friend had posted it on Facebook.  The funeral was today, and she wanted to make sure I knew about it if I wanted to go today.


A little background – this was a family with whom I spent many entire weekends when I was in junior high, who were absolutely wonderful to me when my family went through tough times, who treated me so much like familhy that I had my own chores.

Sound likes a no brainer, right?  Go to the funeral. Now, the minor detail.  I haven’t spoken to the family in 25 years, except for a few messages through Facebook in January with the deceased. No reason in particular, just time passed and different paths were taken.

I was the only one from our old group still in California, but I had lost touch 10 years sooner than any of the rest of them.

So what you would have done?  Would you have gone to the funeral?  Sent your condolences and stayed home?

I’m curious!

Let me know, and I’ll give you my answer tomorrow.


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