FaceBook User Names – How Do They Work?

FaceBook User Names – How Do They Work?


 After you create a business or fan page on FaceBook, you will want to obtain a vanity URL as quickly as possible.  You may choose your vanity URL once 25 people have liked your new page.


Go to www.facebook.com/username and choose the name of your page and the user name you want.  Be very careful with the spelling and make sure it is the right name, as you will be unable to change it.


Knowing all of this, I still messed up the name of my page.  As a result, I have deleted the old page and created a new one.  I have diligently gathered up my 25 likes and am ready to claim the old user name.  However, FaceBook keeps telling me the vanity URL/user name is unavailable. 


I have been told that sometimes the user name is available immediately and sometimes it is not.


Does anybody know the rhyme or reason behind this?  Does any one know how long it might take before I can reclaim my old vanity URL, hopefully before somebody else does?



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