Get Your Loan Approval Letter!

Receive an interest rate quote and get pre-approved for a California real estate loan.

If your are buying real estate in California, we recommend that before you begin your house hunting, you begin the loan pre-approval process. Getting pre-approved requires that a lender verify your financial information, and it serves as their commitment to lend a specified amount based on that information. It will give you a number of advantages:

First, when you do find a property in California you want to buy, sellers will take your offer more seriously given that you have a lender that has committed to backing your offer.

Second, it does give the assurance that you’re looking at California property you can confidently afford to finance. Your efforts will be focused on properties that match your financing abilities.

Third, you’ll have an edge over other California buyers who aren’t pre-approved. In situations where there are multiple offers on a property, this can be the difference between having your offer accepted or losing the property to another buyer.

We’re eager to help you get pre-approved either through us or any other lender. If you’re interested, we can begin immediately, contact me to get the process started.


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