Growth Leader – Week 18 – My Free Trial is Over – What Did I Think?

My free trial of Growth Leader and Vision has just ended, and I’m sitting here contemplating my thoughts as I decide whether to now move into the paid version.

I have been on this program since the very end of January; during those few days, 15 prospects signed up.  February and March were stellar for the number of prospects, which were 31 in each.  Then, we ran into some stumbling blocks that it took the advertising team a while to fix.  There were 19 prospects in April and only 8 in the entire month of May.  We’re up and running again with 10 in June.

If you read some of my past posts, you’ll see comments from Jennifer Lew of Market Leader that part of this was over delivery in the early months.

Regardless, overall I have had 116 people sign up in the past 4.5 months.  I am talking with several of them, have been out looking at homes with 2 and done a listing presentation.  I expect that there will be a few deals coming out of all of this in the next few months.

As with any internet lead generation, the most important thing is to follow up with the prospects and keep in contact with them, even if they are “Mickey Mouse”.

I really like the contact system in Growth Leader, and the way it gives recommended listings based on what the prospect has already searched.

They will becoming out with a new, upgraded program in a couple of months, and I am looking forward to that as there are a few things missing, like the ability to search all of the prospects at once rather than active, inactive, etc.

I think that I will be signing up with Growth Leader to continue this program a while longer.

And, I truly appreciate the opportunity to beta test this system.  Additionally, the Market Leader staff has been terrific about helping me along the way and listening to suggestions.

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