Have You Created Your Back Story? – Video Blogging Part 2

Have You Created Your Back Story?


I’ve been in a video conference all weekend and have learned a lot about video, but I’m discovering it’s applicable to so much of what I do in real estate and even in life, so I thought I’d share if with the Rain.


Part of what I’m learning (or perhaps realizing just how important it is) is that we have a back story to tell our audience.


Everybody has a story, and telling that story will allow you to connect with your audience.  This is not something to be made up (so perhaps created is the wrong title); this is who you really are; it’s just articulated.


It should be brief and recognizable depending upon how long your presentation is, ie. 2 movie stars adopt several children and have a few of their own while traveling the world.


Make sure you explain how your story relates to your clients and the services that you’re offering them.


So, what’s your back story?  If you’re curious about mine, stay tuned.  It may take me a week or so to do the video, but I”ll get there.



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