How Much is Your Integrity Worth?

Is your integrity for sale?


Can you look yourself in the eye?  Face yourself in the mirror?


What do you do when your commission could be jeopardized by a client choosing not to complete a transaction because it’s not in their best interest?


Would your answer change if the commission was $5,000?  How about $20,000?  $50,000?



Rocky shores ahead


Is your integrity for sale at any price?


Are you in this business to help your clients and build lifelong relationships or are you in it for a quick buck?


What would you do months in to helping a client and getting close to a closing if you learned it might not be best for your client?


We’re in business to make money of course.  My question is at what cost?


I know my decision wasn’t based upon the check I would have received. 


How about you?

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