Huntington Beach Christmas Tree Recycling

Huntington Beach Christmas Tree Recycling

It’s been a wonderful Christmas, and now it’s time to take down the Christmas tree and enjoy the New Year.  Still, your left wondering about Huntington Beach Christmas tree recycling and what do you do with your now dried out, denuded tree.



Don’t worry!  The Rainbow Environmental has you covered.  They will collect your Huntington Beach Christmas tree for recycling between December 31st and January 11th.  Just be aware that if your normal collection day is after Monday, your pick up will be delayed by a day due to the holidays.  Any trees over 6 feet must be cut in half, and all lights, decorations and tree stands must be removed.

Place the tree next to your carts for pick up and Huntington Beach Christmas tree recycling.

For more information, see Huntington Beach Christmas tree recycling.

Happy New Year!

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