If I Had a Crystal Ball, I’d Be Sipping Mai Tais

If I Had a Crystal Ball, I’d Be Sipping Mai Tais


Many clients have asked me if the market has hit the bottom, when it will rebound, whether their home will have increased X% in Y years from now.

My response to all of them is simple, if I had a crystal ball, I’d be sipping mai tais on my own private island.  Since that obviously isn’t the case, the best that I can do is show them the current market and what has happened in the past.



I then explain that we really need to explore the reasons why they are buying or selling to determine if this is the best time for them rather than trying to guess what the future will bring.

I wish I had a crystal ball or even a magic mirror.  Since I don’t, I’ll have to stick to just the facts ma’am.

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