If You’re Not Going to Bother to Read the Post, Why Make a Comment?

If You’re Not Going to Bother to Read the Post, Why Make a Comment?


I understand the lure of points.  I truly do; they’re what got me really involved in the Rain.  I’m goal oriented, and I wanted to get to the top.  The top of what I’m not sure, perhaps my city, the county the state?  Maybe beat out the Million Point Man.

It's not about points

But, at some point you I realized that AR’s not all about the points, it’s about the Google Juice, the friendships, the knowledge, the learning, the comraderie.  The points are just the brilliant way they lured me in and got me involved.

If you haven’t been here long enough or haven’t learned enough to know that the points are not point, I hope that you will spend more time here learning.

This post was a result of one I read the other day.  The title and the first few paragraphs indicated the it was about one thing, but the remainder of the post painted an entirely different story.  Unfortunately, it was obvious from a few comments that they didn’t read the post in it’s entirety. 

If you’re going to make a comment, you might consider at least skimming the whole story to see if you’re missing the point.

And, yes, I have a lot of points.  Like I said, they’re what got me started here in the Rain, but what kept me here are people like Todd and Debe and Renee and Billie, and yes, I’m missing many, but I’m trying to be pithy. It’s also the calls from consumers like the one I got the other day.

So, if you’re just commenting for points, you’ve missed the whole point, and you might want to really think about what is being offered to you here.  Take a bigger slice of the pie, and you might find out what’s really important.

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