Is Active Rain Truly Back? I’m Ready to Play in the Rain. Are You?

Is Active Rain Truly Back?



Playing in the Rain


Like most, if not all, of you have experienced in the past few days, Active Rain has been an exercise in frustration with a constant series of proxy errors.  Sometimes I would get a few clicks in before being thrown out.

I must be addicted to the Rain because I kept coming back and trying it again and again even having read about the problems in Bob’s post.

Today, I was finally able to post for the first time in days.  And, not just one post but several.

However, earlier today, I still couldn’t post comments that had any text in them, just a blank square.

But, just a few minutes ago, I was able to leave an actual comment on Renee‘s blog.  So, I’m hopeful, that as promised AR is up and running again and that the worst is behind us and the best in front.

Growing pains are never fun, and I’ve enjoyed (kind of) some time out of the Rain, but I’m looking forward to getting back to my friends and my Google juice.

Are you ready to get back to work and spend some time playing in the Rain.


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