Is Buying a Costa Mesa Home Like Picking a New Puppy?

Is Buying a Costa Mesa Home Like Picking a New Puppy?


For the last couple of weeks, my family has been trying to pick our new puppy via pictures and video.  The litter is in New York, and all of the puppies are cute as can be and appear that they would be wonderful additions to our family.

We started with pictures, and finally talked the breeder into sending us videos from the cell phone as they didn’t have a video camera.

We’re still having a tough time but have managed to narrow the field of 11 down to 2.  Now, we have to make a final selection in the next day or two.  Fortunately we don’t have to wait 30 days or more for the puppy any more.  Our new puppy will be home very soon.


Adorable Puppy


So, what does puppy picking have to do with buying a Costa Mesa home?

These days, 90% of all buyers use the internet to choose a home, so it’s imperative that there be lot of pictures.

If you’re selling a Costa Mesa home, it’s important that your home be well represented on the internet with numerous pictures that showcase your home in its best light.

If you’re buying a Costa Mesa home, are you going to want to see a home where you’ve seen no pictures or perhaps one or two that don’t give you a real idea of what the home looks like (blurry, dark, etc.), or are you going to choose to look at the homes that give you a feel for your new Costa Mesa home?

For us, lots of pictures and video have made it much easier to choose a puppy and lots of picture and virtual tours make it easier for us to sell our clients’ homes.


If you would like to buy or sell a home in Costa Mesa please give me a call at 714-319-9751.


(We wound up choosing the puppy above, and he’s now home safe!)


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