Is it Wrong to Call the Seller’s Agent on a Costa Mesa Home?

Is it Wrong to Call the Seller’s Agent on a Costa Mesa Home?


Are you trying to buy or rent a Costa Mesa home? Do you sometimes call the seller’s/owner’s agent to try to get more information rather than asking your agent to get it for you? Have you ever set up an appointment with the seller’s agent knowing that your agent wasn’t available?

Do you realize that doing these kinds of things can cause problems?

1.  Procuring Cause

There is something called procuring cause. This means that the agent who is seen as bringing in the buyer may be entitled to the commission for the buyer. So, if you call the listing agent directly, or you set up an appointment with the listing agent to see the property rather than having it set up by your agent, you may cause a procuring cause problem. The result may be that your agent will not be paid a commission for representing you. This could mean that you have to pay the commission directly if you have an agreement with your agent or even if you just want your agent’s help regardless of any contract you might have.

2.  Giving the Seller Too Much Information

When talking with the listing agent, you may give them details that will result in paying more than you needed to for the home. Perhaps you tell them how much loan you can afford or how important it is to get out of your apartment. This can give the seller an advantage.

What should you do? How can you prevent problems?

1.  Contact your agent directly when you have a question about a home.

2.  Let your agent call the listing agent and work on your behalf.

3.  Allow your agent to set up a showing of the home for your.

If you want to take advantage of your agent’s knowledge and experience, don’t undercut that by going to the listing agent.  If you choose to use the listing agent, that is absolutely your choice.  Just make sure that you are making an educated choice.

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