Knowing Who to Call is at Least as Important as Knowing What to Do!

Knowing Who to Call is at Least as Important as Knowing What to Do!



Last week, when I was called by Nightline for an interview in just a couple of hours, I was in no way ready for primetime (or late night tv).  I was dressed very casually without much any makeup, flip flops, tank top, etc.  I didn’t have any appointments and hadn’t put myself together.


I could have done this myself, but knowing I had limited time, I also knew that I didn’t have time to do it myself.  Sometimes doing it yourself (whether getting dressed up, making repairs, or selling a home) just isn’t the best option.  Often it takes longer or isn’t done as well.


Fortunately, I have a large list of experts to contact for many different needs.


That day, I contacted Lori Mazalewski, my Nordstrom Personal Shopper.  I quickly explained to her that I had very limited time to look my best, and I was at least a half hour away.  She calmly began to outline a plan.  She asked me to run home for a couple of items; she would take a quick lunch, have clothes and a makeup artist waiting for me when I got to Nordstom.


 (I thought about putting in a before shot, but Vanity just wouldn’t do it. So, you’ll get the finished product below.)


I arrived, and as always, Lori had the perfect outfit for me.  I didn’t bring any jewelry, no problem.  She and her assistant, Kristin, handled that too.  They were clipping tags off of me and ringing me up in no time.  Dressed in my new outfit, I knew that I was headed for a smashing interview.  How could I miss feeling like a million bucks?


Lori, then walked me down to cosmetics and introduced me to Natasha Dressler of Smashbox.  This was a woman who had worked as a makeup artist in Hollywood!  How perfect was that?


Lori quickly explained to Natasha that I had very limited time to be in full makeup and on my way to my interview. 


Natasha asked me a few quick questions to get an idea of my personal style and then quickly went to work.  Thirty minutes later, my new look matched my new outfit.  I felt completely ready for my interview.  She had kept my look pretty natural in keeping with my personal taste and yet complemented my features and coloring.




Orange County Short Sales Nightline Interview


I’m sure that anyone who saw me come into Nordstrom just a little more than an hour before, would not have recognized the person who left.


Could I have gotten all of this done myself in the limited time frame?  Probably, but would I have done it as well?  Probably not, and probably without a lot more fuss and stress.


This was a good reminder to me, that the do it yourself method is not always the best whether it’s getting ready for a big national televsion interview, home repairs or selling your home.


I’m fortunate to have gathered a great group of professionals around me who are available to help me and my clients in almost any situation.

So, if you are feeling the need to spruce up your wardrobe, please call Lori Mazalewski at 714.549.8300 and be sure to tell her Christine Donovan sent you.  If your makeup needs updating or you just want a new look, give Natasha Dressler a call at the same number.  And, when you walk out, be sure you have somewhere to go other than straight home because you’re going to want to show off the new you!


If you need any other recommendations for other professionals in the Orange County area, please give me a call at 714.319.9751.

Click the link for more information on my Nightline Interview on Orange County Short Sales



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