Life is Great!

Life is Great

It’s been a rough couple of years for many people in many ways.  Economically, the stock market took a major hit, the real estate market took a nose dive, banks failed, jobs were lost in record numbers, foreclosures hit the news and the neighborhoods.

There’s been plenty to complain about the past couple of years.

It might be easy to look at all of the things that have gone wrong rather than to look at all of the things that have gone right.

However, I’ve always been one of the optimistic, glass is half full, every cloud has a silver lining (enough cliches?) type people, and so I chose to look on the bright side.

Disneyland with Pluto

Just as things really started to change degrade, I was fortunate enough to have my second child.  I have a great family and wonderful friends.

Rather than moan about what was or what might have been or how things used to be, I chose to look at the positives. In addition to being fortunate in my personal life, I have revamped my business.  I am now able to help many people in need of options.  While before I was lucky enough to help those who wanted to buy or sell homes.  Now, I find many of my sellers need my help, knowledge and expertise even more than before as they seek to avoid foreclosure, and I’m helping buyers in to homes that they couldn’t imagine a few short years ago that they would have been able to afford.

So, has it been lemons or lemonade for you the past few years?  Perhaps it was lemons for a short time, before you remembered that lemons are the main ingredient for lemonade?

Curious about what I learned about lemonade at a a young age? See Our Lemonade Stand.


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