Lions Park Costa Mesa

Lions Park Costa Mesa

Lions Park is located at 570 E. 18th Street in Costa Mesa. It is home to the Lions Club Fish Fry each June and is also sometimes called the Airplane Park.


The term “Airplane Park” comes from the large concrete airplane that is a centerpiece of the playground. It has been there for decades. When I first played there, it was unpainted concrete. Today, it is painted blue. Regardless of the color, the kids love to jump in the cockpit and climb on the wings of the airplane.

Lions Park also features two playground areas. One for older children and one for younger children with slides and climbing areas appropriate for their ages. Lions Park is located adjacent to the Costa Mesa Aquatic Center and library.


All in all, there are a lot of great things for kids to enjoy here though parents will want to attend with their children as there are sometimes people loitering nearby. Lions Park

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