Memories at Active Rain – AR Put My Personal Website on the Front Page of Google!!

 Memories at Active Rain – AR Put My Personal Website on the Front Page of Google!!


Although I signed up on Active Rain in May 2007, unfortunately for me, I didn’t start actively parctipating in the site until mid May 2008 after attending a seminar given by Jim Marks and Dustin Luther

Six weeks later, on July 1, 2008, I found my website on the first page of Google for my keywords.

To say I was ecstatic, would be minimizing the feeling.  Before I started participating on Active Rain and learning from other members what I needed to be doing, I was somewhere past page 20 on Google.

You might ask on what page was I located?  I have no idea; I stopped looking after page 20.

That day was an amazing eye opener.  I realized that day the power of Active Rain and of social networking.  I had some vague idea before then, but didn’t realize just how powerful AR was going to be for me.

Since that day, I haven’t looked back.  There have been very few days since then, when I have not been on AR reading the great library of information available here, posting and making new friends.

Memories of Active Rain?  There are many.  Today, I may have learned to get my posts to the front page of Google in hours, but finding my website page one that day was something amazing to me that I didn’t think could be done without professional SEO help.


If you want to know how this can be done, e-mail Me!, and I would be happy to share the “secrets” AR has taught me.


Plus, as an added bonus, if you are not a Rainmaker, I will provide you with a promo code to get your first month as a Rainmaker for only $5.

If you are selling a home and would like me to use my knowledge to widely publicize your home on the internet to help sell it for the most money possible, please contact me at 714.319.9751.



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