Newport Terrace

Newport Terrace



Newport Terrace is a condominium association located in an area that many might mistakenly believe to be Costa Mesa. However, it is a small oasis in Newport Beach offers so much for a reasonable price.

Located at the end of 19th Street, Newport  Terrace has 281 homes. It is located near the beach and is just above the Talbert Nature Preserve which also encompasses what is known locally as the Sheep Hills, a place where the kids enjoy riding their BMX bikes on the hills.

Many don’t even realize this small enclave of Newport Beach is here as there is almost no other reason to travel to the end of 19th Street.

These condos were originally built in the 1970′s and started around $25,000.  They are still very reasonable price for a Newport Beach address.




This association also features a  lovely pool area.  In addition to the pool, there is also a jacuzzi, and a new basketball area. If you walk up the hill behind the pool area,  there is even a horseshoe pit.




When my sister and I lived in Newport Terrace as children,  we enjoyed playing in the Nature Preserve, which we all called the “gully” and spent many great hours swimming in the pool.

One of my favorite amenities of Newport Terrace comes in the form of all of  the open space and green areas that were incorporated in to the design of the  community, perhaps inspired by the Nature Preserve above which it sits.

Located just a few blocks from Harbor Boulevard, Triangle Square and  17th Street, Newport Terrace offers close proximity  to shopping and restaurants as well as the beach, the freeway and Hoag Hospital.


To see Newport Terrace homes for sale, please see the map below.

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If you have any questions about the homes for sale or about Newport Terrace, please contact Christine Donovan at 714-319-9751.


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