Night Club – West Coast Premiere – Newport Film Festival

Night Club – West Coast Premiere – Newport Film Festival


Night Club will have its West Coast premiere during the Newport Beach Film Festival this Saturday,  4/30/11 at 2:30 pm at Triangle Square.  Tickets can be purchased at Night Club.

I read a bit about the premise of Night Club and thought it was well worth delving into, so I contacted the publisher and director, Sam Borowski, and now that I have spoken to him, I am even more intrigued about the movie.

night club

In the movie, 3 USC students who work the night shift at a retirement home are convinced to start an illicit night club by Albert, a resident (played by Ernest Borgnine).  All have a tremendous time, and the students learn a great deal about life while working hard to keep the secret from their boss, who is a rule follower.

The cast with multiple Academy Award Winners,  would make the movie well worth the price of a ticket, but what makes me even more intrigued is the passion and dedication I discovered in its director and producer.

Sam began to film the movie while his mother was suffering from Alzheimers and feels that the movie draws attention to a “debilitating and disgusting disease.”  He feels that it’s important that people understand and accept people as they become older, and he believes that both young and old will relate to the movie.

Additionally, this is an homage to both Ron Howard’s Night Shift and the wacky films of the 80’s which influenced the director with the beginning shadowing Night Shift in many ways.

The cast of the film includes:

Ahney Her
Bryan Williams
Daniel Roebuck
Ernest Borgnine
Mara New
Mickey Rooney
Natasha Lyonne
Rance Howard
Sally Kellerman
Zachary Abel


Sam Borowski will be at the showing and expects that several of the cast will be in attendance as well including Daniel Roebuck who is well known for his work in Lost.

 Please let me know if you will be attending, and if you go to the screening, I would love to hear what you thought.


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