Pasta Connection – A Local Costa Mesa Favorite is Back

Pasta Connection – A Local Costa Mesa Favorite is Back


For over 20 years, Pasta Connection reigned on the corner of 19th Street and Harbor Boulevard in Costa Mesa with its eye catching sign of an unhappy young boy with a plate of spaghetti dumped over his head.

Pasta Connection Costa Mesa

The owner Luis Rodriguez opened the restaurant in 1984 after years of planning and dreams.

According to his daughter, he even planned the photo used in their signs and on their marketing, a photo of his son with a plate of spaghetti dumped over his head.  Opening the restuarant was a dream that Luis had, and he made it come true with a vengeance.

After more than two successful decades, Pasta Connection lost its lease one and a half years ago when the location they had been in was torn down to make way for a new building.

For many restaurants, that might have spelled the end, but not for Pasta Connection.  They reopened last month, and when I walked in, it would have been hard to tell they had ever been closed.  The place was full, and there was a short wait for our table.

The restaurant is back in full swing, and its obvious that many, if not all, of the old customers are back in force to enjoy the great food and wonderful atmosphere this family has created.

Pasta Connection specializes in Italian and Argentinian food.  They make fresh pasta every day in their own kitchen.  The food is reasonable and plentiful.

If you are looking for a new restaurant to try, or you’ve been wondering what happened to your old favorite, stop by the new Pasta Connection.  Just let the sign of Lou be your guide, or your GPS if you prefer.  The new location is 1969 Harbor Boulevard, Costa Mesa.



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