Rain Camp Las Vegas – My Brain is Full

Rain Camp Las Vegas – My Brain is Full


Rain Camp is an amazing experience, and I always come through with a long to do list and bursting with ideas.

It was a day full of information about blogging, social networking, technology tools and just plain lead conversion with Ben Kinney, Bob Stewart and Brad Andersohn.

 Ben Kinney teaches Rain Camp

One of the best things about today was the list of websites with mostly free technology to aid you in your real estate business.  Here’s a synopsis of the ones provided by Ben Kinney and Brad Andersohn.


www.klout.com – A site that ranks influence on Twitter

www.wiggio.com – A collaboration software that lets you work in groups, share files, share calendar, and more, all with a secure login.

www.igetsales.net – A database mgmt tool – $19.95/mo.

www.Xobni.com – Inbox backwards – add to Outlook – takes email addresses, and finds photos, finds FaceBook profiles, Linked In account, Twitter, etc.  Allows you to learn more about your leads and clients.

www.BIT.ly – Allows you to post shorter URLs in Twitter and other places.  Then when you send emails or post on Twitter, it will tell you how many people clicked on it, from which source, when it was opened and where they were

www.Mailchimp.com – Allows you to see how many emails were opened, forwarded, not delivered, what time opened.

 www.Goldmail.com – Allows you to send video emails.

www.slideshare.net – Upload and share your power point presentations, listing presentations, word docs and pdf – share publicly or privately. You can even add audio to make a webinar.,

www.slideshare.net/bandersohn – You can find Brad’s list of techhy tools at this site.

www.Openoffice.org – An open source office software suite for word processing spreadsheets, presentations, and graphics

www.primopdf.com  – Convert any document to pdf format – no adobe acrobat required – uses simple printer interface to create pdf files.

www.fillanypdf.com – Upload any pdf file and allow them to be signed – no software needed – upload pdf and link to it so other people can fill it out and sign it online.  Similar to DocuSign, but free.

www.screentoaster.com – Record screencasts with audio and store on server.  Upload to YouTube or save on desktop – add to website or blogs – unlimited storage.

www.picnik.com – Photo editing application – correct, edit, add splash to images and photos.

www.gimp.org – Adobe Photoshop Jr. but free – ultimate image manipulation software.  Photo and image editing for the pro.

www.onetruemedia.com – Mixes video and photos with effects.  Your life and business perfectly mixed and syndicated.

www.xtranormal.com – If you want video, but are uncomfortable in front of the camera, this may be for you.  The site takes text and uses it to custom create video and animation.  

www.clipnabber.com – This is a video downlaod tool for offline presentation.  If your clients can’t download video, you can download vidos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Megavideo and other video share sites and take a screenshot of them.

 www.tunenabber.com – Does the same for songs.

www.bannerfans.com – Graphic designs online – create store and share custom banners, headers, buttons and images on the site.

www.feedmingle.com – RSS multiple feed widget.  The site allows you to mingle all your feeds together in a single RSS feed.

www.steprep.com – Allows you to protect your brand – build your reputation – reward customer loyalty – turn every transaction into an advertising opportunity – be added for free to the directory of trusted experts.  It is similar to Google Alerts.

www.isuu.com – Publication library and storage.  It’s a place to create author store and share publications publically or privately.

www.box.net – Online file storage and sharing.  Upload picturess, documents, video, audio, Power Point and share with others

 www.transferbigfiles.com – Send files to anyone via web up to 1 gigabyte in size.

www.freeconferencecall.com – Multiple callers on phone for free and it comes with free recording.

www.realestatetechnlogyonline.com/widget – Text widget – ultimate widget for text messaging

www.collecta.com – What’s hot now?  Widget that lets you put any search criteria and pull feed from Twitter -and pull RSS feed on Twitter.

www.friendfeed.com – This is a site that helps you with onnecting it all together and feeding it to others. You can publish and syndicate all your websites blogs, feeds and social media. Have it updated in self updating site – feed your clients and friends.

www.walkscore.com -This site knows your neighborhood.  Run any address and get walk score. It will pull up what is in the neighborhood.  You can add missing places to Google Maps, and it will appear on walk score in a few minutes

www.conduit.com – Create a free toolbar for your users browsers. Share your content with the world.  It’s the most powerful toolbar you can build,and you don’t need to be a tech wiz to do it.

www.wix.com – Create professional free flash websites.  Allows you to create custom flashy web pages in minutes.

www.feedblitz.com – It’s an email subscription and newsletter toolfor sending blog posts.  You can build client/traffic base using an email subscribe tool.  www.feedburner.com is similar.

 www.wisestamp.com – Create custom social networking signatures on email.  Easily customize to include in Instant Message & social profile.  Automatically shares your blog posts, quotes, news, and bookmarks. 

www.tokbox.com – Free video email messaging – a new and better way to communicate.  It allows you to add personality to your email.  You can also do video conferencing on this.

www.retagger.com – The single real estate source for all your social networking blogs and websites.

www.avg.com – Free anti virus and anti spyware.  This is the most downloaded software on CNET.

www.mozy.com – Allows you to back up your compuater – for $4.95/mo.  It includes photos, documents, financial record and files, and softare.  www.carbonite.com is similar.

I will try to get more posted in the next few days but don’t want to overwhelm with additional information in this post.   


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