Rain Camp San Diego – What Makes a Website Rank?

Rain Camp San Diego – What Makes a Website Rank?


1.     Content and Keywords

  • 300 to 500 words per page or post.
  • Repeat phrase you want to rank for 2-4% of the time on that individual page

 – Each page of website is different for SEO purposes

 – SEO Quake – download on Mozilla and it will count keywords for you

  • Start first sentence with your keyword phrase
  • Pictures for user experience

2.     Age & Size of Site

  • The older the domain name, the better
  • Buy them from agents who are leaving
  • More pages = more content = more likely website will be indexed
  • Build website over time

– Write a blog post or 2 every day to add pages to your website

3.     Page Titles & Page Description


Title and Description

  •  Blue part on Google list is title of page
  •  Below page title is the description – page description should match page title

4.     Links

  • Google decided that links say something – like voting for website as good
  • Need to have one way links
  • Use linked text
  • Include 3 or 4 links in each blog post- use keywords in anchor text
  • Link back to your website from Active Rain and other platforms to give your website more inbound links.


Use this information to bring your posts and your website to the top of Google.


If you still have questions, be sure to sign up for the next Rain Camp near your or feel free to give me a call.

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