RE Bar Camp San Diego – Pearls of Wisdom from Social Media Gurus

 RE Bar Camp San Diego – Pearls of Wisdom from Social Media Gurus


Today was RE Bar Camp San Diego.


If you aren’t familiar with RE Bar Camp, it’s time to get educated and to attend one or more.  It’s referred to as unconference with no set agenda. 

The agenda is set by the attendees and facilitated by other attendees.  No one is paid to facilitate and selling is strictly prohibited at Re Bar Camp.  You won’t be asked to buy any programs, tapes, books or anything else.



RE Bar Camp San Diego


However, if you are looking to learn the first baby steps of social media, or are ready for advanced classes or have learned something and are ready to share your knowledge with others, then RE Bar Camp is for you.



“The Blog is the Hub of Social Media.”

“Add spoken and written text to video for greater SEO.”

Social Media

“You need to stop referring to social media as social media.  It will be new media, and in a year or two it will simply be media.”  Jim Marks

Three Problems with Social Mediau

  1. Way too difficult to do
  2. Time consuming
  3. Hard to figure out return on influence – Jim Marks


FaceBook Fan PagesMike Mueller

  • You can customize the tabs at the top of your FaceBook Fan Page after “Wall” and “Info.”  This is valuable real estate.  Use it.
  • You can determine which page someone lands on when they aren’t a fan.
  • 3 strategies for naming Fan Pages
  1. Personal Brand – Christine Donovan
  2. Real Estate Centric – Costa Mesa Homes
  3. Community Centric – Costa Mesa Events
  • Social Safe can be used to back up your contacts.




In addition to the learning and knowledge to be gained, there are networking opportunities and the chance to meet online friends IRL (in real life).



Christine and Active Brad RE Bar Camp San Diego


If this sounds like something in which you would like to participate, check out Re Bar Camp to find one near you.



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