Real Estate Team Takes New Approach to Real Estate by Sometimes Turning Away Clients

Todd Clark Real Estate Agent in Beaverton, OR, and highest ranking agent on Active Rain helps clients by solving problems rather than just selling homes.

Beaverton, OR – Real Estate Agent and internet blogger, Todd Clark recently explained his concept for helping his clients. 

He believes potential buyers and sellers should be treated with respect and described how he and his Friendly Home Team sometimes turn down clients in distress who ask them to sell their homes.  These potential clients come to Todd Clark looking to sell their home as a short sale feeling they have no other options.  Frequently, Todd is able to come up with creative solutions that allow them to pay their mortgage and remain in their home. His belief is that if he can help these homeowners in this way, it is his duty to do so.

In addition to sometimes turning away business to help his clients, Todd, finding that his business continues to grow due to his respect for his clients, recently expanded his Friendly Home Team at Knipe Realty to include two buyers’ agents and a short sale negotiator. He explains that this will allow him to offer more available times to his buyers than was possible with just one agent and also feels this will allow the Friendly Home Team to match their clients with just the right personality to suit them best.

Todd can be reached at todd@ifoundyournewhome dot com or 503-524-9494.

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