Stop Foreclosure

More than 12% of all people are in default on their mortgage, meaning that they are behind on their mortgage.

7 out of 10 people who lose their home to foreclosure, do so without having sought out professional assistance in an attempt to save their homes.

Don’t be one of the 70%. Contact a professional who can advise you on the different options you have that may stop the foreclosure.

10 Options to Avoid Foreclosure

1. Reinstatement
2. Forbearance
3. Loan Modification
4. Obama Home Affordable Plan
5. Rent
6. Sell
7. Deed in Lieu
8. Short Sale
9. Short Pay Refi
10. Bankruptcy

You will find links to each of these options in this website with pros and cons for each of them.

If you would like the opportunity to discuss which option best suits your particular situation, please call us at 714.319.9751 to schedule a free consultation.


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