A forbearance is an agreement between the home owner and the lender whereby the lender agrees to a postponement of mortgage payments for a period of time.   During this time, payment may be entirely suspended or significantly reduced.

This may be a good solution to avoid foreclosure for those who have lost a job or have a temporary disability.

At the end of the forbearance period, the home owner and lender set up a payment plan for the missed or reduced payments.  This may include paying back the missed payments over time or adding them on to the end of the loan period.


  • Allows the home owner to avoid foreclosure during a short period of hardship.
  • Suspends foreclosure and allows home owner to have time to catch up on past due payments.
  • Brings account current during specified period of time.


  • Your loan is not fully reinstated until you pay the amount you are behind. (Unless it’s added at the end of the loan term.)
  • A foreclosure is put on hold while you are in forbearance, but not canceled until the payment plan is completed.
  • If you miss a forbearance payment, you go back to where you were in the foreclosure process.


A forbearance may allow a home owner with a temporary hardship to remain in their home over the long term.






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