Should I Pay My HOA Dues if My Orange County Home is Foreclosed on?

Should I Pay My HOA Dues if My Orange County Home is Foreclosed on?


Unfortunately, many homeowners today are losing their Orange County home to foreclosure and one of the questions that comes up is should they continue to pay their HOA dues.

Keeping in mind that you should always discuss these matters with your legal counsel and that this is not intended as legal advice, it is my understanding that the debt for the unpaid HOA dues will continue to follow you as a personal liability after your Orange County home has been foreclosed.

In other words, although the foreclosure will wipe out any HOA debt on the property itself, it does not relieve you, as the previous homeowner, of the liability to pay the debts that you incurred.

So, whether or not you choose to pay your HOA dues until your Orange County home is foreclosed upon, you may find that eventually your HOA may choose to pursue and obtain a judgment against you for the full amount owed, plus costs, attorney’s fees and interests.  Therefore, it might be a good idea to pay them and/or to negotiate a settlement amount with them.

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