Snoopy House – Costa Mesa – A Christmas Extravaganza – Holiday Part 3

Snoopy House – Costa Mesa – A Christmas Extravaganza

 If you have been to the Newport Beach Boat Parade and toured the decorated houses of Balboa Island, and are still feeling like something is missing in your Christmas festivities, we have one more local tradition that should not be missed.

Located at 2269 Santa Ana Avenue in Costa Mesa, the Snoopy House is a free event that has been helping Costa Mesa celebrate Christmas for over 40 years. Jim Jordan began creating the extravaganza when he was 16 years old in 1966 and has continued the tradition since that time. There was some question a few years back about whether it would continue after the death of his mother, but fortunately for all of us who have enjoyed it for decades and for the children and even those new to the area, it continues delighting young and old.

Snoopy House Costa Mesa


For many people, myself included, this tradition has been part of Christmas for many years, and now it is part of my children’s Christmas tradition.  I know my children will insist on going again this year to enjoy all the Snoopy House has to offer.  We go to enjoy the animated decorations, which include several mechanized Christmas scenes, including the nativity all of which feature the Peanuts’ characters made famous by Charles Schultz as well as to enjoy the cider at Lucy’s “the doctor is in” stand, the “live” Snoopy who walks around and visits with the kids and Santa. 

It’s an amazing display that draws around 70,000 people each year between Thanksgiving and New Years’ Day.  Santa Claus is generally present at Snoopy House to visit with the children in the six nights prior to Christmas Eve from 7pm to 9pm, and Santa’s elves will take a picture of the kids with Santa so they have a souvenir of their time with Santa.  Even well-behaved dogs are welcome to come and participate in the festivities and take their photos with Santa, so it is truly a family event.

Santa, as is expected, is wonderful with the children, handing out candy canes and listening to their Christmas wish lists.

There is more to explore at the Snoopy House than you would expect in this holiday event.  There is a guest book for all who would like to sign and to review what others have said.  There is also what my son believes is a magic outhouse.  He swears that in previous years, he’s gone in and closed the door only to show up in another part of the “house.”  It must require a special key, because this year, the operator wasn’t there and the 10 or more people who tried to figure it out couldn’t.  However, when one of the elves came along and asked to use the “restroom” before he hurried back to Santa’s workshop, he miraculously disappeared and was not heard from again that evening.

All of the volunteers who help with this spectacular house seem to truly love what they do and happily give their time and energy to bring smiles to the faces of young and old alike.


Snoopy House Costa Mesa

As if this isn’t enough, to give back further to the community, the Snoopy House in Costa Mesa collects canned food and toys for those in need. 

If you do stop by the Snoopy House and have pictures, I would love to see them.  I hope you have a wonderful time.

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