So Much to be Thankful For

This weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving, which in addition to being an excuse to gorge on amazing food and stand in line for hours for Black Friday deals, is a time to consider our blessings in life.

Mine are many.

Dawn's Wedding

I was fortunate enough this last week to see my sister-in-law wonderfully in love and getting married to a terrific man.

I saw both of my sisters and one of my little sister’s twins.

My lil

I saw my niece who currently resides on the other side of the country.

I got time with my family.

I had time to relax and just enjoy.

In addition, I have been blessed this year to assist several people buy a new home and perhaps even more blessed to help distressed home owners and make their lives a little easier.

I have two wonderful children and a husband.

I have great friends with whom I have created many amazing memories.

All in all, I am blessed and am thankful for the time to have with all of those I love.

I hope you too have the time to contemplate all that you truly have.

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